An adventure in identity, contentment, and defeating self-doubt


54 flights

54 Flights

54 Flights is a quick read and inspirational ‘coming-of-self’ story about a woman named Alexandra who travels the world for business during her first pregnancy. As Alex jet sets to new adventures, she faces her biggest challenge yet; transitioning from career woman to mother. She battles the societal expectations placed on working mothers and the internal conversations telling her she can’t have it all. Alex reflects on who she is and aspires to be in this ‘coming-of-self’ literary debut.

This book is for:

  • Anyone who battles self-doubt and wants to live their full potential
  • Anyone who wants to understand the stigmas working mothers face in the professional world
  • Anyone who is a parent or desires to be one and wants help thinking about how to maintain their own identity
  • Anyone who wants to understand why certain women wait longer to become a mom, or choose not to at all