Leadership & “Letting Go”

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Have you ever tried to completely let go of all of your responsibilities and observe?

I recently LET GO. I flew in to San Diego, CA, got a rental car, and knew that I had to be 600 miles north in San Francisco nine days later. I was fortunate to have a few weeks before starting a new job. That trip inspired wonder and a deep inner peace. I also observed what stress I impose on myself and external stress imposed on me. Here’s what I learned:

1. I need a place to call “home” in order to feel comfortable exploring the day (ie. airbnb stay, hotel, real home etc). I will not be able to relax until I have that security.

2. I love the constant stimulation of seeing new things and freely exploring the beautiful world.

3. I have a man who loves me and I love him. As Is. I notice stress around my need to make sure he is happy. When I communicate that to him, he almost always diffuses my anxiety because of his calming, go-with-the-flow nature. His nature is good for me.

4. There are people who cause unnecessary stress in my life. Who calls/texts just because they care? And who calls to make me feel bad for decisions I make? Time to reconsider certain relationships.

5. Life is not that complicated.

Driving up the PCH (Pacific Coastal Highway), I saw the ocean to my left and mountains to my right in between unique towns from southern, central and northern California. I highly recommend the trip for any one interested in Letting Go. When you let go, what will you learn about yourself?

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