Leadership & “Volunteering”


“Not a day off. Make it a Day on.” As I type with blue stained hands that have been washed at least a dozen times, I’m reflecting on yesterday’s Day of Service. Our company is incredible, and offers us the opportunity to spend Martin Luther King Jr. Day each year volunteering in whatever way we wish. I chose to refurbish used furniture with an organization close to my heart called A Wider Circle. I did work with them when I worked at AU, and have been in support of their mission to get rid of poverty in the DC area.

It was an incredible experience sanding down a work desk in a cold, dark warehouse, and repainting it to give away to a teenager in need. The work was purposeful, and we had a finished product at the end of our 4 hours. I also made a few new friends and colleagues, so it’s always interesting to hear their perspective.

Dr. King Jr. made his life about leadership, and volunteering to help others during the Civil Rights movement. How can I weave this into my life more?

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