Leadership & ‘Flipping the Meeting’


As I deepen  experience with instructional design and adult learning, I’m interested in the notion of ‘flipping the classroom’ and how this relates to leadership. ‘Flipping the classroom’ is a methodology of using prior-to-classroom time to learn the material and then using the in-classroom time to experiment, test and solidify the learning with others.

In order to lead a successful business meeting, I believe one must try to ‘flip the meeting.’ If the leader distributes the full agenda in advance of the meeting (24 hours please!), the attendees can prepare their work portions of the discussion prior-to-meeting time and then use the in-meeting time to experiment, test and solidify the outcomes with others. It creates a solid path forward, where everyone is on the same page. One leaves the meeting with an effective action plan and an iterative process of ‘flipping the meeting’ occurs.

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