Speaking Services


Keynote Speeches

Inspirational speaker for graduation ceremonies (academic or professional), association activities, annual conferences, etc.

A Keynote speech is a speech in which you establish and develop a main theme and set an overall tone for the event. Often, the subject of a keynote address or keynote speech is intended to reinforce and empower the audience around a chosen theme.

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Leadership Empowerment

Do you need to align your A-team? Do you need to bring out their best thinking in order to serve your organization? It should be expected that time is taken away from daily responsibilities to reinvigorate your people and ground yourselves in the purpose of leadership. Celina will inspire your team on a personal and group level in order to promote self-fulfillment and trust.  

Book Talks

Do you want to have an exciting and engaging guest speaker at your next Book Event? Celina presents inspirational discussions based off character Alex’s “coming-of-self” in her literary debut “54 Flights.” Alex is a career woman who finds herself pregnant and must navigate societal expectations and health concerns while traveling the world.  Book themes include empowering all people to banish their negative self-doubt, take risks and lead the lives they want to live. Book talks include segments on “Moments that Changed Me.” Signed book copies by the author available and there is no requirement to read the book before the talk.

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Enterprise Resource Groups (ERPs)

Does your volunteer group need a pick-me-up? Celina is an inspirational guest speaker for various net-new and recurring organizational groups to encourage workplace satisfaction. As the lead of several Great Places to Work initiatives and experience with leadership positions in voluntary company campaigns, Celina understands the importance of these groups to foster belonging and a greater purpose than just daily work. Guest Speaker on ERG meetings include topics such as self-awareness, inclusion, personality/work alignment, health and confidence building. 

Company Events

Are you ready to take your event to the next level? Celina will move your team’s soul.  She will shine as an inspirational guest speaker (or a ghost speech-writer for leaders) for annual and holiday celebrations, team building functions or leadership retreats on or off-site, watch parties for earning calls/IPOs/etc. Themes include positive reflections, future-forward excitement generation, and Purpose Driven organizations. 

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