Leadership & “Transitions”(Personal)

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Transitions include pain points. There’s no getting around it. The bright side is that pain usually leads to growth and that makes us stronger.

Personal Transitions

Have you ever had a large life-changing transition? You enter the workforce, you get married, divorced, have kids, move to a new area, switch careers etc. All of us have at one point or another incurred a large transition. One thing that I’m learning is that the older I get, the more I am aware and more detailed the differences become. I just left a happy and comfortable work place to take on new work, with a new client, in a new industry. I wanted the challenge and to prove to myself that I do good work, so I made a choice knowing I will have to experience some pain. One week in, and pain (and pleasure) has already begun:

– I don’t understand the culture yet, and I’m getting my “hand slapped” for things I did previously that were rewarded

-There is someone on a partner team who appears to want to hinder progress that I am accountable for and I don’t know what to do about it

– My new change management team seems wonderful, easy to work with, and good at what they do

Why did I choose to make such a large transition after five years? Everything inside of me told me it was time to go. Time to fly. I couldn’t ignore myself, when I trust myself to seek out things that are good for me. Pain included (and hopefully temporary). Do you trust yourself to make whatever necessary transition awaits?

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