Leadership & “Values”

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As I was updating my company profile the other day (think internal LinkedIn), one of the personal questions was, what is my most important value? It did not take me long to surface the answer – authenticity.

Everyone is quirky. Everyone has idiosyncrasies- its what makes us human. Everyone also brings unique strengths to the table and my goal is to shine a light on those from each person I meet. I love to be around those who embody their strengths and who are also able to laugh at their “not so perfect” sides. If your shell is too thick, or you’ve actually become a robot, I may not be so attracted to you.

My quirks include (but are not limited to) randomness, child-like energy and a horrible poker face. Quite embarrassing really, but everyone who knows me knows this, and at least I’m authentic!  I think its impact is that people feel comfortable around me.

My company’s motto is Conduct Counts. They value professionalism, respect, and leadership. Coaching is also a big player too , and I realize that right now, they are training me to become the best leader possible. Are you a leader? If so, what do you value- and how does that impact the people around you?

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