Leadership & “Voting”

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Yesterday was the Maryland Primaries (can you believe it’s 2016, and an election year already?), and I had volunteered to serve as a bi-lingual judge. I read through chapters, took tests, training etc. to take part of polling place operations, and pay respect to our America founders who established this wonderful democracy.


I was so impressed by the turnout yesterday that I had to write about it. People of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and ideals came to a single location to share a most powerful asset, their voice. A state senator came in yesterday at closing and told me the numbers for this location were roughly the same as those who came out for the last November presidential elections! It seems clear that people are ready for change. What we have been doing in the Federal Government is no longer working, and people are coming out to see this through. I really hope we, the people, make a good decision this year on who will lead us, and my hope is that everyone comes out to the polls. Everyone leads when they vote!

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